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The Difference between Regular and Premium Gas

Most people are clear on which type of gas their car needs. But not as many are clear on the differences between regular and premium gas. What’s the difference? One obvious difference is the price—premium fuel typically costs about 20 cents more per gallon than regular gas. Premium fuel also comes with a higher octane level—92 or 93 compared to 87 for regular gas. (You... Read Article

Boating with Dogs: Expert Shares Top 10 Water Safety Tips

Pets are members of our family, and more often than ever, they go wherever we go – even for an outing on the water. Whether your boat passengers have two legs or four, you’ll want to do all that you can to keep everyone safe as you sail or motor across the waves. To compile a list of the top boater safety tips, we asked... Read Article
  • KMK is the only place to go when it comes to insurance!

    David Rinehart
    La Vale, MD
  • ...they were there with guidance and funds to meet my needs.

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  • KMK is the only place to go when it comes to insurance!

  • Best Insurance, Best People to work with...

    Debra Smith Mathew
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